Saturday, March 2, 2013

SuRaB Athletics

I am happy to announce that Your Real Active Body LLC, SuRAB Athletics is on board as a Corporate Donor. 

Today I met with Joshua Love Principal/Athlete and Jacob Sussman Videographer of SuRAB Athletics to discuss their interest in doing a mini documentary on my "Epic Ride" to support the Wounded Warrior Project as part of their "WOD TV" initiative that does documentaries on local CrossFit gyms, athletes and programs.  

SuRAB Athletics is a newly formed company that specialize in manufacturing equipment and apparel for Crossfitters and all athletes alike. They are more than equipment and apparel company, SuRAB Athletics is an equal opportunity motivator. The goal of SuRAB Athletics is to motivate athletes to become the best version of themselves. SuRAB is also focused on motivating for a common good while remaining culturally diverse as possible.

What does SuRaB stand for you ask?  Are you familiar with the term, Mi Casa Su Casa, my house is your house? Well Su means "Your" in spanish. SuRAB is an acronym for "Your Real Active Body." The company slogan is Apply SuMotivation, which means Apply Your Motivation. SuMotivation is also a type of motivation modeled after the company's inspiration John Surabian, a health and wellness leader in the Boylston, MA community, and CrossFit Facility owner at CrossFit Brutality