Saturday, March 16, 2013

      Workouts for Saturday, March 16

      Workout #1:  Sustained Power - (3) 10x5
      Type: Bike
      Planned Duration: 1:30

      Sustained Power: 
      Notes: * One-legged pedaling: clip in with left foot and rest right foot on the trainer or a box. Pedal for 30-60 seconds with left leg. Pedal for equal time with both legs to recover Repeat three times, then switch legs. Increase by 5 seconds / week
      Step 1: Reps: 1, * Duration: 30min, HeartRate: 110-126bpm, Power: 123-164Watts

      Step 2: Reps: 3, Duration: 10min, HeartRate: 132-141bpm, Power: 192-206Watts

      Step 3: Reps: 3, Duration: 5min, HeartRate: 128-136bpm, Power: 166-197Watts

      Step 4: Reps: 1, Duration: 15min, HeartRate: 100-136bpm, Power: 100-186Watts

      Workout #2:  Core & Stretch
      Type: Strength
      Planned Duration: 0:30