Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 8 - Rest Day Albuquerque, NM

What a beautiful day to have off, I know I needed it. It was a fast and furious first week and it seems like a blur right now.  A ride like this is no walk in the park and I know we all at some point are asking ourselves what we got into.  As the ride leader, Mike Munk told us, if you make it throught the first week you know you can do this physically and now it is all mental.  You may wonder what a typical day of riding 7-9 hours feels like, well it is a roller coaster of emotions, you can be feeling good to feeling bad in matter of minutes and some times just changing position on the bike or just getting off the bike changes everything.  We have a great group of guys doing this ride and having a good group dynamic is important in this type of endeavour.  Whatever sport you do there is something special about being with a group that has one common goal and with this group it is riding across America safely.

Today started a little later as we all slept in and had a great breakfast at the hotel.  I then went back to my room and reorganized my bag for the next leg of our trip.  Our next and last rest stop is twelve days from now in Springfield, IL.  The ride leader recommended that we ride a little bit today to keep the legs active so I rode my bike about 3 miles to get my massage that was much needed.  From there I rode another 2 miles to the bike shop to get my bike a little TLC as well.  I spent the next couple of hours just laying pool side reading a magazine and listening to iHeart Radio and relaxing.

A group of us went to this nice restaurant called the Range Cafe for dinner and the day is now over.  We are all packed and ready to get on the road about 7:00 am.

Trip Summary:

  • 7 Days
  • 842 Miles
  • 52 Hours and 29 Minutes of Riding
  • ~16 MPH Ave Speed

Photos of the Day:

My Bike needed some TLC as it need to carry me more miles

So I brought it to the TREK Superstore for a chain cleaning and lube

Random Photo outside our hotel

Some of my new riding buddies having dinner at the Range Cafe in Albuquerque, NM

A nice Fat Tire Ale to end the day