Thursday, April 11, 2013

The bike is ready for shipment to Califonia

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Gerry at Trek Stop made some final adjustments to the bike and we then packed it up in a shipping box from  The benefits of this shipping box is the bike does not have to be disassembled completely.  Just removed the seat and adjusted the handlebars down.  I used to arrange FedEx pickup for tomorrow. works with for reduced shipping cost for bikes.  
 Packing the bike up makes me realize that this journey to cross America by bike is soon to be a reality.  The final week will be spent tapering my workouts and getting proper rest for this epic ride.  I also wanted to share with you another example of why I am riding to raise awareness and funding for the Wounded Warrior Project.  A local soldier from Natick, MA, Staff Sgt. Brian Scott was wounded 5 years ago by an explosion in Iraq that embedded shrapnel in his head, injured his back, and caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI). After intensive rehabilitation and a lot of hard work, he was cleared to return to the job he loves and will be deploying again soon. Read his inspiring story of determination:

Please consider making a donation today!  Our American Heroes need us. 

Thanks for following and supporting the WWP.