Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pelham Island Pictures: A Video Everyday Series

Pelham Island Pictures, the producers of a mini documentary of "Phil's Epic Ride Across America to Support The Wounded Warrior Project has just released a new initiative; A Video Everyday series" Starting today and everyday this week at 7 pm, Pelham Island Pictures will post a new feature video on their FB page. Check out today's Video

Pelham Island Pictures, founded by Zander Cowen and Jacob Sussman, is a film production company focused on telling emotionally compelling stories in a creative fashion.
Birthed in a high school journalism class between two multimedia-focused seniors, Pelham Island Pictures believes that quality work can only result from passion and diligent perfectionism.

Pelham Island Pictures has worked with clients ranging from local high schools to the SuRAB Athletic Apparel corporation. Please contact us at for more information.