Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 9 - 135 Mi to Las Vegas, NM

Epic day to say the least. The elevation profile, hill after hill after hill all day long....   Today's ride was 137 miles which included over 8000 feet of climbing.  Took me 8 Hours and 41 Minutes.

Today was our second biggest climbing day on the trip. We started climbing right out of the motel.  Our route led us out of town to the east on highway 14 through the Sandia Mountains. We rode through some small, quaint little towns in New Mexico.  After we got close to Santa Fe, we entered a new interstate,  I-25 for the remainder of the day. The road before us rose gently for the first 9 miles as you would swear that the road was level, but your legs said otherwise. When we would look behind we could see we had been climbing for quite awhile, but after cresting just east of Santa Fe, the road began to present us with big rolling hills where the terrain dropped quickly.

The scenery on the ride had some of the most beautiful vistas.   The snow on the mountains on our departure really added effect to the landscape. The climbing was tough, but it wasn't without rewards, some of the the descents were incredible and much needed.

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-

Jim Jenkins and I at some weird rock formation

Me and fellow rider  Shane Molloy from Donegal, Ireland 

Today's Lunch SAG was at a Fire Station

A house in the middle of nowhere

Were are we?

Dinosaurs in New Mexico
America's Backroads