Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 13 - 83 Mi to Dodge City, KS

Today's ride from Liberal, KS to Dodge City started a little chilly at 28 degrees with some wind anticipated at up to 15 MPH.  We all started bundled up as seen in my rider kit today. We headed out past Dorothy and Toto's street on the way to Dodge City.  
Cool Start
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Today's ride was very nice as the winds were in our favor for the first 60 miles.  The last 20 miles were into a light headwind that was very manageable compared to the other day.
The wind is so famous out here they name streets after it.
My roommate Floris took this picture of me and Jim Jenkins as he passed us on the road

As we rode into Dodge City today, we ride right down Wyatt Earp Boulevard to get to our motel. Dodge City has an interesting history that I'm sure you've studied in your youth...from lawless cattle town to being the center of commerce in the 1870s.

This picture is of "El Capitan," a statue of a steer that represents the many longhorn cattle that came through this town on their way to the Santa Fe railhead.

"El Capitan" 
The longhorn cattle were descendants of cattle brought into this area in the early 16th century by the Spanish. Shortly after the civil war, 1875-1886, over 4 million longhorns passed through Dodge on trail drives to northern markets. We passed several other historical places on our ride today. We had lunch beside the Dalton Gang's hideout and secret tunnel in Meade Kansas. 

The ride ended at the Dodge House Hotel. a very interesting hotel with a western theme.  

Tomorrow we get out of Dodge and head 84 miles to Great Bend, KS. Come back and see the highlights of tomorrows ride and don't forget to spread the word about the Wounded Warrior Project fundraising effort. 

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-

I did get my sixth flat of the ride around the thirty mile mark and and had some very interested visitors as we fixed the flat.