Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 14 - 85 Mi to Great Bend, KS

Another tough day of cycling in high winds.  Today should have been a short day at 85 miles but with the cross winds and head winds the ride took a little over six and half hours with an average speed of only 12.9 MPH.  Not as tough as the ride into Dalhart, TX but tough enough.  The wind is like a bully, as soon as you stand up and try to get some momentum going it punches you in the chest and knocks you back down over and over again.  It is very hard to hide in the vastness of the open spaces of Kansas with the exception of the small towns with 3 -5 buildings and a grain silo and that last only a minute or so.

I am feeling good and getting stronger everyday.  I am able to handle the wind but its just annoying and monotonous all day long.  I was prepared to deal with adversity on this trip and my training from Coach John Hughes has been spot on.  As Bill Belichick says "it is what it is"  and I must deal with it.  That is what makes this ride "epic".  As the ride leader told us "anyone can ride cross country with tail winds and sunshine"

All the riders are still in good spirits and everyone finished today.  We all had dinner tonite at Applebees in Great Bend, KS. Tomorrow is another day and we head to Abilene, KS.  Conditions should not be as bad as the winds will be in the same direction but only up to 15 MPH.

Here are pictures from today:

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-

"Mid Point USA" town of Kinsley KS.  It is the midpoint between New York and San Francisco

Anyone need some hay?

A bicycle at the Sod House Museum. The sign on the bike says: Old time bicycle owned by the late Frank Spring, Jr., which he rode from New York to Kinsley all the way (1881-1955). He came to Kinsley at the age of 19 yrs. (Original Tires).