Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 25 - 105 Mi to Marysville, OH

The ride is going quickly, we entered our 10th state today...Ohio. We crossed the state line about 4 miles into our ride today and we had to stop and record the event.

Getting closer
We only have 4 more states and 903 miles to go. Today the wind was our friend and the weather was beautiful and warm in the 80's  I achieved a personal best for a 100 miles, 4 hrs 31 min at an average speed of 22.1 mph.  Sometimes the wind is a bully and sometimes its your best friend. Today I loved it and was pay back from out nasty ride on day 11 to Dalhart, TX. where we averaged 10.4 mph.  

There was a little construction issue today at mile 40 which only allowed 5 of us to pass as the construction foreman stopped everyone else from going through.  The other riders had to take a small detour.

Its not good when the road is closed and under construction.  Only 5 of us went this way

The ride was so quick that I don't have much else to report today. Tomorrow we ride to Wooster, Ohio, no not Worcester, Massachusetts but sounds the same.  Weather is looking good again.

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-