Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 23 - 121 Mi to Lebanon, IL

Today was another great day to ride a bike, cool start in the high 40's but did not seem that cold.  The temp rose to the mid 60's for most of the day and of course the biggest thing we pay attention to is the wind and today it was at our back for most of the day.  My riding partner Jim and I averaged 19.2 mph for 121 Miles.  The last 25 miles or so we were joined by Barry from Houston.  It took me about 4 hours to get my riding legs today as the effort I put in yesterday left my hips tight and sore.

Today, we entered our 9th state, Indiana and we are now in the eastern time zone.  Getting closer to home.
Entering our 9th State and Eastern Time Zone

We definitely got well into "small town America." Out west, we sometimes went 60 miles without seeing civilization and even in Illinois there were some long stretches where we didn't see much more than the ever present grain elevator and a few houses. Comparably, when we crossed into Indiana, we would ride through   a small town about every 5-10 miles.  Some of them are a bit run down but they are still the center of things in this rural state. Family values are paramount and community pride is ever present in all but a few of these small towns. Many homes had little signs in their front yard that said, "We Stand For The 10 Commandments" or "Support Our Troops" or they'd be flying an American flag. That's life in the midwest and this sign coming into Hillsboro is a good example of the midwest sense of humor as they give you a heads up that there are a couple soreheads in town. Not bad for a population of 600.  

Tomorrow we ride 107 miles to Richmond, Indiana and ride through a small town named Knightstown, Indiana.  Knightstown is famous for the 1986 movie Hoosiers. The Hoosier Gym was used in the filming of the movie.  The Hoosier Gym also hosts Indiana's best high school basketball players in the annual Hoosier Classic. The weather looks even better tomorrow with sunny skies and temps in mid to high 70's.

Here are some photos from today's ride

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-

We stumbled upon this old cemetery with grave Markers fro 1870's 

Panoramic view  of Spring Hill Cemetery

Bikes on a wall in Hillsboro, Indiana