Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 26 - 103 Mi - Wooster, OH

They're back!..... The rolling hills that is. Just before lunch, we turned onto hwy 603 and we were warned about "dem hills". This road is really a roller coaster and a fun, a b contrast to the flat farmland of the last couple of days.  4583 feet of climbing and they were steep at 12-17% grades. the picture on the left gives you an idea of what the terrain was like.  That's me in the back recovering from the previous hill.

Weather wise the day was great as the wind was neutral and the temps were in the 70's with some humidity. The landscape of Ohio was beautiful and green and all the farmers were readying their farms for planting season.

Ohio countryside
Small town America
After the early monster hills, we had our lunch SAG at Charles Mill Dam on Black Fork of Mohican River.  It was a nice little park and we even had picnic tables.  It was a nice place and a perfect spot as we needed a little break.  As soon as we left the SAG we came upon a Pink Pig and I just had to get on it for a photo op.  

Charles Mill Dam on Black Fork of Mohican River

The Lunch Bunch

Riding the "Pink Pig"
After lunch we had 27 miles to the finish but it was more hills all the way in.  With less than one mile to go, we ran into an unexpected road closure so we had to ask permission to walk across.  Thats twice in two days.  
Road closed :(

Milk Shake after every ride

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-