Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 19 - 96 Mi to Quincy, IL

Today was really a grind, The last two days wore me out and today I had no zip in the legs.  I am so glad we are out of Missouri.  I have never ever seen so many hills like I have in the past three days.  They call Missouri the land of a thousand hills and I think I saw them all.  The day started with overcast skies and with my riding partner Jim getting a flat in the 1st quarter mile leaving the hotel.  So I rode easy until he caught up with me again at mile 20.  I decided that today was going to be a recovery ride because I had no choice as the legs were smoked. Today we averaged 15.5 MPH for 96.5 Miles 2 MPH slower than the last two days.

Our first SAG was in Baring MO; a town that showed signs of prosperity in the past, because of its closeness to the railroad tracks.  Today it only has a service station, a set of railroad tracks, a few houses, and a small cafe to service the residents. We stopped right beside an abandoned old hotel that must have served the railroad some time ago.  

Hotel Baring now abandoned
If you looked at the profile above the first 60 miles today were nothing but hills again until we got to the Mississippi River.  From there we crossed the river on a ferry and into our 8th State Illinois, and immediate flat roads.  But guess what greeted us on the other side of the River?  You got it, headwinds at 10-15 MPH.  Not too bad but made the day grind out longer.  We also had a little bit of rain. The good news is we are now on the east side of the Mississippi River and are now closer to home.   Tomorrow we head to Springfield, Illinois and our second rest day.   I need it.  

Fellow rider from Australia, Max Jensen
The Mississippi was 5ft over flood level

Houses on the river need to be built on stilts to accommodate the rising river  
The Bayview Bridge in Quincy, IL bringing westbound  US Highway 24 over the Mississippi River

(Most Photos taken by Mike Munk-